Core Beliefs of Bear Creek Church

Every church is different. Even churches within the same denomination that share the same theology will have a unique “feel” that sets them apart. This unique “DNA” distinguishes one church from another. Here are a few of the beliefs that makes Bear Creek Church a place where you can feel comfortable being a part of our body, worshiping, serving, and inviting your friends.


Comprehensible and Accessible Truth

Everything we do as a church, from sermons to the children's ministry to the youth group, will be comprehensible and accessible to both Christians and non-Christian seekers. 


Integration of Grace and Truth

We follow the example of Christ by holding grace and truth in a careful balance. We believe that ministry is meeting people where they are (grace) and journeying with them to where God wants them to be (truth). 


Holistic Gospel

We believe the gospel of Jesus Christ addresses the entire human person (spiritual, relational, emotional and physical). We will share the good news and embody the good deeds of the gospel. 



We are a congregation hospitable to all generations. Young adults can benefit from the wisdom and experience of our older members, and the older generation can enjoy the energy and vitality of the younger crowd. We are committed to learning from one another and worshiping the living Christ together. 


Safe Community

We desire to be a spiritual community where people feel safe to express vulnerability, emit their doubts and explore what it means to follow Jesus for the first time.


Bear Creek Church Mission Statement


Reconciling Broken People to God to Become Christ’s Healing Hands

There is an inherent brokenness in all human beings. No one is exempt from this condition. It separates us from the loving God who wants us to know him, and often it becomes an obstacle in other areas of our lives too. At Bear Creek Church, our desire is to point others to the only solution to this problem — the cross of Jesus Christ. Only through him can our brokenness be healed. After experiencing God’s healing in our own lives, each of us can then, in turn, act as Christ’s hands in comforting others and pointing them to the same source of true and everlasting life.


Our Church Affiliation

Bear Creek Church is part of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC). Our denomination’s name describes it well. The EPC is both evangelical and Presbyterian. We are evangelical in our zeal for the gospel and living obediently as followers of Jesus. As Presbyterians, our churches intentionally connect and engage together on a regional basis. We believe that we can better fulfill the mission of God by supporting, helping, and being accountable to each other.

From the beginning, we have been a movement of congregations that takes seriously the Bible, the theology of the historic confessions of the faith, and the evangelical fervor of the founders of American Presbyterianism. We affirm that the Bible is God’s inspired and infallible Word, and that it contains eternal truth that speaks with authority to our life, doctrine, and mission (2 Timothy 3:16). To ensure that the ideals of faith are easily understood but remain foundational, our core belief is contained in a concise list of essentials. When the EPC was established in 1981, it was decided that we would not disagree on these basic essentials of the Christian faith. However, on anything that was not essential—such as the issue of ordaining women as officers or practicing charismatic gifts—we would give each other liberty.

The local church is the primary building block in the EPC. The EPC consists of more than 600 churches with upwards of 171,000 members. We believe ministry and mission begins with the local church. Our desire is that every one of our congregations will be an outpost of the Kingdom, with every member viewing himself or herself as a missionary in whatever environment God has placed them in. We also have a world missions program with a priority of sending missionaries to unreached people groups.

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