Sojourners in God’s Great Story

In 2008 I was given the gift of a sabbatical and one of the assignments I believed the Lord gave me was to go on a very long walk with Him, namely, hike the Colorado Trail (CT) from beginning to end.  I fully expected the Lord to take me through some very difficult challenges in order to shape me and prune me, perhaps even break me.  But all along the way all I experienced was His unfailing loving kindness.  At the end of the trail I was somewhat disappointed; I hadn’t experienced any painful pruning, only kindness.  As I journaled the penny dropped and I felt that something deep within my heart had been healed:  I now knew in my heart of hearts His love as my Father.  He had taken me on a long walk in the one place in the world I loved the most and He comforted me (Hos. 2:14-15).

Not long after that, however, I fell back into living the anxious life I had always known, especially as a pastor.  Debbie encouraged me to remember what the Lord had done in my life on the CT and not discount it.  It had been a life-giving gift to me.  I needed to recall not only my trek with the Lord, but my sojourn here as a follower of Jesus in the context of God’s greater story of our salvation in Christ. 

Our text this week is I Peter 1:10-12.  Read these three verses in their context by reading I Peter 1:1-12.  The following questions will help you meditate on this text.  Engage your head, your heart and your hand (pen or pencil!).

1.       Verse 10 begins, “Concerning this salvation.”  What salvation? 

2.       Peter uses one word to describe this salvation and that word is “grace.”  Why is our salvation best summarized in the word grace?

3.       What does Peter tell us about “the prophets who prophesied about the grace that was to be yours”?  Who are they?  What did they do?  What did they know?  How did they know what they knew?

4.       How did these prophets serve us? 

5.       What has been announced to us and who has made this announcement to us? 

6.       Where does this message of good news ultimately come from? 

7.       Why does Peter mention angels in verse 12?  What do they do and why does Peter want us to know that?

8.       What is the message here in these view verses?  In other words, what is Peter’s point and how does he want his readers to respond?

9.       What does the Lord want you to know?  How does He want you to respond?   

God be with you!  And we will see you on Sunday, God willing!


“The world is poor because her fortune is buried in the sky and all her treasure maps are of the earth.” Calvin Miller