Report from the Gate

Have you ever gone into a public building and, when you looked up at the ceiling, noticed that a tile was missing?  Soon whenever you looked up, all that you saw was the missing tile.  No matter how nice the rest of the building was, what caught your attention was the empty spot where that tile should have been.  Life often seem like that building.  Something is missing or wrong with my life and soon I see a world full of people who never have the problem I have.  Why does no one elsemakes mistakes, but I make them all the time?  What's wrong with me?

For the sermon this Sunday, I would like to share my favorite Bible story.  It tells me that no matter how bad things seem, God is still at work.  No matter what my weaknesses are, God's love is always there and I can be a source of hope to the people I meet every day.

1. Is there one thing that is wrong with your life that makes you feel of less worth than other people?
2. When you pray, what do you thank God for?
3. What is the greatest treasure in your life?
4. What could you do to share the good news of the Gospel with your neighbors?

Guest Speaker - Sunday June 5, 2016 - Rev. Bob Flier