Every church is different. Even churches in the same denomination with identical theology have a unique “feel” that sets them apart. What distinguishes a church from others is its unique “DNA” or core values. 

Comprehensible and Accessible

Everything we do as a church, from sermons to the children's ministry, will be comprehensible and accessible to Christian guests and non-Christian seekers. 

Integration of Grace and Truth

We follow the example of Christ by holding grace and truth in a delicate balance. We believe that ministry is meeting people where they are (grace) and journeying with them to where God wants them to be (truth). 

Holistic Gospel

We believe the gospel of Jesus Christ addresses the entire human person (spiritual, relational, emotional and physical). We will share the good news and embody the good deeds of the gospel. 


We are a congregation hospitable to different generations. We are committed to learning from one another and worshipping the living Christ together. 

Safe Community

We desire to be a spiritual community where people feel safe to express vulnerability, emit their doubts and explore what it means to follow Jesus for the first time. 


We are a member of the EPC Denomination.  Our beliefs and the Essentials of Our Faith align with the EPC.